Best Oranges

Best Oranges directly from the farmer

Our orange plantation consists of over a thousand 30-year-old trees that were planted by the grandfather.

The plantation contains different varieties, which guarantees different harvest times. Therefore we can deliver your oranges to you for the entire orange season from November to May.

You can find us on many markets. Traders also can order our oranges directly here on the website.

Do you remember when you was a child and could eat the fruits directly from the tree?

You will experience this natural taste with our oranges in the same quality, mature and with untreated peel.

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Orange trees produce 80 to 120 kg of fruit a year. Our trees are intended for the lower yield range, which increases the sweetness and intesity.

You receive our oranges with untreated peel, so that the peels of our fruits can be used for the popular orange zest. Harvesting our own fruits and delivering them straight to you is incredible fun.

We take care of the highest quality and punctuality!

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